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Facts You Should Know About Plumber Double Bay

Plumber Double Bay Fact
Double Bay a boutique harbour-side suburb located fifteen minutes to the east of the city by ferry with its enviable views of the harbour, it is difficult to imagine that it is the location of early settlement cattle and lettuce farms! Far from its colonial past, Double Bay is a mecca of style and sophistication with tree-lined streets and luxurious apartments and magnificent residences.

Outdoor Cafes, exclusive boutiques, world renowned designers and chic personal care salons abound. Double Bay is the place to see and be seen around Sydney. If you need a break from shopping you can enjoy the views of the Harbour from Redleaf Beach or Blackburn Gardens.

Thinking of renovating? Plumber Double Bay can assist you with a variety of jobs you may not have thought of. When you decide to retile we can assist by safely capping off all of your fittings and also legally disconnecting your hot water system. We can advise on the most cost effective way to re-plumb your bathroom if you decide to replace or relocate fitting and fixtures, ensure the pipework is up to Australian standard and that old pipework is replaced before you lay those expensive new tiles. To avoid the possibility of costly mistake call Plumber Double Bay before your next renovation.

Double Bay residents are entitled to an exclusive $25 discount when you book your plumbing job via our website Plumber Double Bay.


Plumber Double Bay 25% Off
Plumber Double Bay Guaranteed

7 Reasons to call Plumber Double Bay today;

    1.We guarantee our appointment time, with a courtesy call on approach

    2.We offer you a guaranteed price on all plumbing work before we even lift a spanner

    3.We guarantee our work 100%

    4.Our phones are answered 24 hours, 7 days a week to cater for emergency situations

    5.We offer a FREE plumbing and safety inspection, with multiple job discounts

    6.Our vehicles are fully stocked like a mobile plumbing store

    7.Specialising in blocked drains, we will get your drains flowing freely again

Double Bay residents deserve the best service and advice possible and that is why our staff are trained in all facets of plumbing and gas fitting including;

    The repair or replacement of dripping, faulty tapware

    The repair or replacement of running toilets, leaking cisterns and cracked bowls

    Gas Services including repairs to existing lines, installation of new lines and LPG conversions

    Water leaks and leaking pipe repair or replacement

    Environmentally friendly rainwater tanks installed, maintained or replaced

    Sewer and stormwater drains cleared, inspected, repaired, re-lined or re-run

    Hot Water System repairs, replacement, upgrades and Solar Hot Water conversions

Client Testimonials

  • “Second experience with a Your Neighbourhood Plumber and both are professional and courteous. Stew is an asset to your crew no doubt”


  • “I was satisfied with the promptness and the way it was carried out”


  • “Friendly, informative and willing to help and answer questions. Would use again!”


  • “Excellent in all ways!”


Plumber Double Bay’s Hairdressing Nightmare!

It was Vivian’s first day on the job as an apprentice Hairdresser. She was thrilled to be working and wanted to make a good impression on her new boss. She diligently swept the floor without being asked and was quick to help whenever she was asked to do something.

The lead Hairdresser asked Vivian to wash one customer’s hair. She escorted the customer to the basin and got her settled. She turned the water on and began washing the customer’s hair. Suddenly, without a word of warning water sprayed all over the customer, wetting her shirt and skirt. The customer screamed out as water ran down her face. “What are you doing?”

Vivian frantically tried to turn off the hand held tap but in her panic the tap handle had snapped and the flexible sprayer was out of control. Water was all over the floor and it was very slippery. The owner calmly walked towards the rear of the shop and turned the water off at the mains. The tap finally stopped spraying everywhere and the panic began to calm down.

Vivian was soaking wet and so was her customer. The manager moved the customer away from the basins and started to dry her off. Vivian was devastated, she thought she had caused the entire incident when the truth was the owner was aware the tap was faulty but delayed the replacement as long as she could.

She called her Double Bay plumber who had previously provided her with a quote to replace the tap and asked him if he could attend rather urgently as water to the entire shop was now shut off. This incident was costing the shop more than a tap replacement, customers that had been waiting grew impatient and left. The customer who was soaking wet was given a voucher for a free hair treatment (if she ever came back).

The other staff continued on cutting hair while Vivian and the older apprentice were given the task of mopping up all of the water on the floor.

A great plumber is a must if you run a business that depends on the steady supply of water. Call us on 0402 290 290.