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Got a sewer clog? Take it easy. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are one of the finest in providing premium drain clearing services in Sydney. With the use of up-to-date technologies and innovative solutions, we guarantee to resolve all of your plumbing problems.

What are the common causes of sewer clogs?

  • Old homes having terracotta pipes are vulnerable to root tree intrusion, the primary cause of sewer clogs
  • Most of the toiletries, especially wet wipes, are nondegradable which may clogged up the sewer lines
  • Grease and fat can build up on the interior wall of drain pipes resulting to blockage

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Clearing your Blocked Drain

Some of the tools and materials used by the Blocked Drain Specialists include:

  • High strength acid
  • RootX, a foaming pipeline root control product
  • Bio-Clean, an environmentally friendly drain cleaning agent
  • Hydro-jet cleaning system
  • Electric Eel sewer cleaning machine

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Double Bay Blocked Drain

David rolled off the couch, catching himself before he could fall on his two mates leaning against the side. It was his turn to do the drink run, which totally wasn’t fair seeing as he was the one hosting the night. He bumped into a side table as he stumbled in the dark to his kitchen. Behind him the movie blared zombie filled groans of death and destruction. Two of the girls had wanted to watch a RomCom. They were now huddled together in a one-seater chair, trying not to shriek at every jumpy moment. David stepped into the kitchen and paused, wiggling his toes. Had someone spilt something? He flicked on a light, ignoring the complaints from the lounge room as he stared at the water pooling over the floor. It seemed to be leaking from the dishwasher, which was flashing angrily at him, complaining over a half-finished cycle.

He cracked the dishwasher open and more water poured out before settling. The base was filled with dirty water and it wasn’t draining. There was definitely a blocked drain in there. He didn’t bother with the drinks, instead he pulled the mop out of the cupboard and started cleaning. His parents were over for lunch the next day and he didn’t want them thinking he lived like a slob. He took pride in his home! He cleaned up the mess and took out the dirty dishes, stacking them in the sink to hand wash later. He looked up and wrote out the number for a Double Bay Plumber and stuck it on the bench above the dishwasher. He’d give them a call in the morning.

The Double Bay Plumber arrived a couple of hours after David called. He took a look at the dishwasher and agreed that the drain was definitely blocked. He removed the shelves for access and tried plunging clear the problem. After a few moments the blockage seemed to give way and the water still milling about the base of the dishwasher began to drain away. The Plumber gave it a few more plunges to ensure the blockage was completely gone. He ran the dishwasher through a rinse cycle before he left, to make sure the drain could cope with the water load. It drained away perfectly.

For a local Double Bay Plumber to tend to you blocked drains needs, call 0488 886 290!

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