Backflow Test & Installations

Medical and Dental surgeries, Dry cleaners and Laundries, Day Care centers, Hospitals, schools, Restaurants, shops and vehicle repair Workshops do require regular Backflow testing services. Each and every Backflow prevention device such as Dual check valves and RPZ Valves need to be tested annually to prevent any unexpected problems that should have been prevented long ago. The possible sources of water contamination include, air conditioning units, irrigation, Fire hose reels, painting booths, ponds and dams and vehicle maintenance pits. Backflow Test & Installations – blocked drains often require the licensed, well trained and insured practitioner. They should be able to save time and offer genuine 24/7 hour services.


Appropriate backflow installation is required for every plumbing premise that has the possibility of water contamination. The local government requires the owners of premises to register, test, inspect, install, repair and replace backflow prevention devices. This is because they do believe that poor plumbing in a premise can be a source of water pollution. A testable Backflow Prevention Device needs not to be installed without the approval of Local Government. The person authorized to carry out the Backflow testing and installation is supposed to present the results to the local government in the approved Form 9 ten days after the testing. Any installation carried out to your Backflow should comply with the Local Government requirements.


Blocked drains problem is commonly experienced in several homes and business. Blocked drains may result from heavy storms of rains or debris. Blockages may cause stoppage to business activities and result in great losses. However, your Backflow prevention system needs to meet all your budget and needs. Backflow Test & Installations – blocked drains not only ensures that the system is working efficiently, but also the health standards are maintained. Ensure that you hire a qualified, well trained and insured Backflow prevention services today in case your system is faulty.