Things to Think About When Having an Outdoor Kitchen Built for You

Outdoor kitchens are slowly becoming very popular among families who love the outdoors. If you want one built for you and your outdoors-loving spouse and children, highlighted below are the things you need to consider.

The space available in your property is the first thing to consider. It is easier to have an outdoor kitchen built for you once you know where in your property it should be built. Parts of your property great for an outdoor kitchen are the pool area, deck, patio, gazebo, or garden. Any existing unused structures are also great for use as outdoor kitchens.

Next, come up with a design for your outdoor kitchen. It needs to have colours and patterns that complement your house’s architecture and should be designed so that you have a great view of the surroundings while you eat or cook your meal.

Then come up with the floor plan. The floor plan of an outdoor kitchen is similar to that of a patio, except that you need to dedicate space for sinks, gas pipes, and other kitchen essentials. Not only that, you also need to plan the drainage systems for the dishwasher or sink.

Some outdoor kitchen essentials include a grill, ovens, freezers, and the refrigerator. Remember to choose those made of very durable materials, since they will be exposed to the elements.

Like indoor kitchen cabinets, outdoor kitchen cabinets are used to store a variety of food items, cooking utensils, and other kitchen essentials. They can also give shape to the kitchen. For your outdoor kitchen, pick high-quality stainless cabinets due to their durability and resistance to the damage the elements can cause. Avoid wooden cabinets due to risk of fire. All countertops need to be made of durable materials, like teak, soapstone, zinc, and stainless steel.

Outdoor kitchens, like their indoor counterparts, also require water, gas supply, and electricity, so make sure to choose the best professionals (plumber and electrician) to install them for you. Otherwise, you risk water not flowing properly to where it is needed and worse, fire.

The Internet and phone books are great starting points when it comes to finding professional plumbers and electricians to hire. Once you have listed down a few names, call them to know if they have the licenses and insurance required to operate, and ask for references (past clients satisfied with their services) to truly know how they work.