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    ✔ Blocked drains

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Double Bay Plumbing Emergency

Alexandra dropped her handbag by the front door and kicked her shoes off. It was good to be home. Work had been productive, but long and hard, and the weather outside had been beautiful! If it wasn’t for work, she would have been at the beach all day! Oh well, part of growing up. She pulled her stockings off and tossed them into her washing basket as she undressed out of her work clothes into a more comfy outfit. It was still quite light outside, and there was a nice breeze, despite the heat, so she decided to sit outside on the balcony and watch the rest of the day go by. She pulled a glass out of the cupboard and filled it with water. As she turned away from the sink, closing the tap in the process, she paused. Alexandra set the cup down on the bench and tried to turn the tap off again. It wouldn’t turn off. Water gushed out of the spout, running down the plug hole.

The local Double Bay Plumber Alexandra found online arrived within a couple of hours after her phone call. She had already shut off the water supply via the mini taps under the sink, as he had instructed. The local Plumber took apart the kitchen taps and examined them. It turned out that part of the tap had failed. They were old and she knew they had been serviced quite a few times already. There was no saving them now, though. The Neighbourhood Plumber offered to service them again, but Alexandra waved the offer away. It was time to get new taps installed, so the Plumber showed her the taps he kept on the back of his truck. They were plain and simple, and Alexandra was perfectly happy with them. The Plumber removed both taps completely from the wall and proceeded to install the new taps. Once done, he turned the water back on by the mini taps under the sink and had Alexandra test the taps. The worked! Water poured out of the spout at the speed she wanted, and even better, the water stopped flowing when she turned the tap off! Before he left, she had him change her bathroom taps as well. They were the same type and age as her old kitchen taps, and she didn’t doubt that they would fail in the same way.

For a helpful and efficient Emergency Plumbing Service in Double Bay, call your local Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0488 886 290!

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