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Sewer clogging is a common problem in many Australian households. It is a big problem that hinders the normal functions of the plumbing in the household and can cost a lot to repair. There are different causes for sewer problems, but the most common is root intrusion. Roots of trees and plants can intrude sewer pipes because it is a water source. Tree roots can grow for up to three times the height of the tree.

More than thirty years ago, the option to fix pipe issues were conventional methods that often involved excavation. The good news is that there is now a trenchless pipe repair technology called pipe relining.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is considered one of the best alternatives to the traditional pipe repair methods. Although sometimes excavation may be necessary, depending on the situation of the pipes, it is very rare and will not be as extensive as compared to traditional methods. The trenchless pipe repair method has been around for more than thirty years and is growing exponentially in popularity.

What is the pipe relining process?

Getting the Pipe Ready

The first and most important step of the pipe relining process is to prepare the pipes. A CCTV camera is used to check for blockages, junctions or intrusions in the pipes. The camera helps to clearly see the condition of the pipes. Once the pipe is checked and blockages are seen, the high pressure water jetter is used. The water cuts the roots and clears other blockages out of the pipe.

The pipe length that needs to be relined is measured and the liner is cut accordingly. We use a fibreglass tube or cloth tube. Our clients also get a 50 year warranty for the pipe liner we use.

Lining Positioning and Installation

In the inversion pipe relining process, after the lining is prepared, it will be inserted into the pipe and then inflated using a calibration tube. This will help create a new interior that will protect the pipe.

Curing the Liner

The pipe liner will be allowed to cure for a couple of hours, depending on the diameter of the damaged pipe. It can be used for pipes as small as 40mm to as large as 600mm in diameter. Steam or hot air is used to aid the curing process.

Final Video Inspection

After the curing process, a video inspection is conducted again for purposes of quality control. It will ensure that the liner has been properly bonded.

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